ImageIt’s always a mess if you live across the street from houses being built.  Dust all over everything, roads being blocked and tore up with the heavy equipment it takes to build.  Everyday you can watch a new row of houses built, walls going up to protect the houses, street lights, sod being laid.  Costly project especially out in California where we live.

I think about those who will move into the soon finished houses.  Each family bringing their choices of decorating, each family usually taking on more debt then they can afford.  Each family with it’s own story of how they got from where they were to that new home.  Each new home will house several souls who may not know the Lord.

Watching the building across from my friends house and then watching this link I am going to post is, well two different worlds.  People are watching a house going up in the jungle too, the  only heavy equipment is the helicopter swinging the lumber in, no roads.  To keep cost as low as possible, teams of people have come to help, paying their own way into this remote location.  The house going up across from my friends will probably sell for around seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars.  Cost of jungle house even using a helicopter  about 45 thousand.

But that is not the biggest difference, the houses build across from my friend has a different motive then the one in the jungle.  After the gospel is presented to the Hewen people and there are believers also a functioning church the missionaries will tear their houses down, give the lumber to the people to build say a medical clinic, their church or even add to their houses.  The people in the village who will hear the gospel soon are excited, helping the missionaries build their houses.  knowing something big is coming or why would these white folks work so hard to live here.

Back to the village in the jungles of Papua New Guinea.  If you have a few minutes watch how a house is built in the jungle,  see the inside, but most of all look at the face of the people in the film clip.  You will probably see some of them in heaven someday.

If you ever get an urge to help build a house…try Ethnos360, formerly New Tribes Mission…connect with a missionary who needs a helping hand.  Ever want to build something that you can take to heaven with you…a saved soul housing the spirit of the living God is how.  Become part of their team by supporting a missionary.

Thanks for taking the time to view the link.


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  1. Oh I think about new homes in the same way……in a new neighborhood since I walk a lot I will pray for each home I pass by……for peace and love within and for protection. But I do love love the smell of all the wood!! One of my favorite smells! Dust is not my favorite. Loved this post!

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