It’s Over!

It’s over…all the boxes are unpacked, everything put in its place, pictures hung, former place clean, keys turned over to owner, scouted  the new neighbor for closest store, gas station, pizza hut and taco bell, (those last two are important).  Cooked my first meal in our new place.  If you are one who prayed for me during this move, thank you, thank you.  I think I have come a long way in adjusting to stateside living again, I mean I found the closest Taco Bell within one day?

 Last move it took me three or four months to realize God had given me several of my desires.  1. To live surrounded by  mountains.   2. To live close enough to at least one of my children and grand children.  And 3. a fireplace, got that.  Depression causes a blindness that keeps one from seeing how God is not only meeting our needs but giving us some of our desires.

Something has changed for it only took me a couple days before I realized God had answered all my prayers concerning this move.  1.  This place would be cheaper then the last, $55 dollars cheaper, praise Him.  Second for a place with a washer and dryer hookup…got that.  Third, the apartment would be downstairs, got that.  Forth,  it would have a fenced in patio for the grand children to play outside , got that too.

 Since my word for this year is, “perspective” God has been helping me see from a different place.  I love it that God gave me some of my hearts desires but what if He hadn’t.  What if…it had cost us more, what if there was no hook up and I had to go to a laundry mat to wash clothes.  What if…they only had upstairs available.   What if…there was no patio. 

 I love what Jim Elliot wrote in his diary, God I pray to you, light these idol sticks of my life, that I may burn for you. Consume my life God, for it is yours.” And then he said,  “I seek not a long life but a full life, like that of Jesus Christ.” His prayer was answered, his life was not long, he died taking the gospel to the Auka Indians.  His prayer was answered in that his life was full. 

That prayer of Elliot’s makes my prayers for my desires look so weak and well, selfish.  You see, they were all about me…what I wanted, not what my Lord wanted.   But as a blogging friend pointed out, God perspective was , “my child needs these things she prayed for.”   They will help me lead a more productive life for  Him.  Easy to compare and disvalue the answered prayer.   I have lived a long and full life already but I know there is more to learn about God’s perspective for the rest of my  life.   


About Wise Hearted

As the heading of my posts, I desire to be wisehearted in all that I do. I, along with my husband are Member Care reps for New Tribes Mission, serving in 6 southwest states. We have served in two countries, Bolivia, South America then later in Papua New Guinea. I love the phrase, "Life is in Christ" because the years I searched for life were the most frustrating of my 69 years. At 35 an aggressive soul wining church knocked on our door. They shared the pure gospel, and after a few weeks of wrestling with my old sinful nature, I accept God's grace through His Son for me. Life has been an adventure since them, every day expecting God to more in my life so I can help others learn Life is in Christ. My husband and I have two children and six grand children and live in southern California.
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