This past year I have felt my perspective slip often into the cynical cycle which made me see mud and not stars.  Or maybe it’s the other way around, I have viewed the mud of life and it made me cynical.  Either way my perspective from behind the prison bars of life has taken a hit and left me sometimes discouraged and depressed.  Our circumstance is not everything but our perspective on our circumstances is everything.   So I have been thinking of ways to change my view inside my life.

 Become more thankful…even when I don’t feel thankful…find something as simple such as breathing to be thankful for.  Mix mud with a few seeds,  some sunshine and flowers will grow.

 Become more others minded even when I don’t want to think about others, do something kind, on purpose for  someone else.    Help them build a mud pie.

 Add more laughter to my life, either at myself  or with others  but laugh more. 

Enjoy a mud fight and a dance in the rain with some friends.

Cry more…tears  not only refresh the eyes but wash the mud from my  soul  so I   can see more clearly which will change my  perspective.

 Have a treasure hunt in the mud instead of just  wallowing in it.  Image

 From my perspective this is the cutest picture.  But for some of you a cute dog picture would work better.  Remember I said I was looking for ways to change my perspective and since I love cats this picture works for me.  What works for you?


About Wise Hearted

As the heading of my posts, I desire to be wisehearted in all that I do. I, along with my husband are Member Care reps for New Tribes Mission, serving in 6 southwest states. We have served in two countries, Bolivia, South America then later in Papua New Guinea. I love the phrase, "Life is in Christ" because the years I searched for life were the most frustrating of my 69 years. At 35 an aggressive soul wining church knocked on our door. They shared the pure gospel, and after a few weeks of wrestling with my old sinful nature, I accept God's grace through His Son for me. Life has been an adventure since them, every day expecting God to more in my life so I can help others learn Life is in Christ. My husband and I have two children and six grand children and live in southern California.
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4 Responses to Perspective

  1. Betty this is exactly what I needed to read this morning! This line is soooooo true; “Our circumstance is not everything but our perspective on our circumstances is everything.” I have to admit I too waded through a lot of mud this past year, and often lost my perspective. Love this line too; “Mix mud with a few seeds, some sunshine and flowers will grow.” I’m allergic to animals so can’t be around either cats or dogs, but I adore your kitty photo and it made me smile.

  2. tcavey says:

    Treasure hunt in the mud…I love it!
    Our perception can make all the difference. I keep telling myself that challenges are opportunities for God to work but sometimes I get bogged down in the mud and lose my joy. Thanks for this encouraging post.

  3. Amy Jung says:

    So easy to slip gradually more and more into the cynical view of things. May you continue to look up toward Him with an eternal view of things! Me too!

  4. Being Woven says:

    I am so thankful that you came by Being Woven for it has led me to you as well. Gaining a new perspective and a different one is what God wants of us as we live in this world. He calls us to fix our eyes on Jesus and that is where our physical eyes and the eyes of our heart need to be.
    Caring through Christ, ~ linda

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